Unexpected Encounters EP


This EP takes you on a journey with her familiar bunny to an unexpected destination. After many experiences, leading to inspiration Unexpected Encounters takes you on a journey. Honing her technical skills and blending elements of multiple genres in order to mirror how she felt during significant moments into pretty auditory expression. Hop inside a metaphorical SPACE AGE candy shop on a sonic adventure to a far away place where the stars align.

About Aries


Coming from a technical background and classical piano training, her unique sound profile, also known as Melodic Glitch Bass, is grounded in melodic songwriting with influences from Bass Music such as Dubstep, Mid Tempo, Glitch, and more. There is inspiration in her sound from experiences of living in the city, interest in video games, and anime culture. Inspired by different interactions and encounters that have made an impact on her, she translates those experiences into a sonic journey to convey the feelings she had at that time as she creates music. The multi-talented musician bridges the gap between the ethereal vibe of emotional melodies and intensely adrenalizing Bass Music. She is always seeking new ways to interpret and express her emotions into music.

Aries has performed at the hottest clubs and venues locally and internationally, such as Club Royale (Boston); Club Avalon (LA); House of Blues (Boston), Club Latte (Beijing,China), NASA (Chengdu,China) and more. She also has performed at music festivals and events like New England CollegeFest; BMW/MINI COOPER North America launch party; the biggest EDM festival in China: Storm Music Festival (Shenzhen); Far True Music Fest(New York); MUSMOD CON (Nashville); as well as one the the biggest events in North America: Anime Expo (LA). She also runs Area of Electronic (AOE) on DASH Radio, the platform’s only weekly global electronic dance music show. The show is broadcast exclusively to Dash Radio’s 10M+ worldwide subscribers through the Dance X channel, which regularly pulls in 3M+ monthly listeners.


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